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Sirtuins Everything You Need to Know

Sirtuins: Everything You Need to Know

Let’s be honest: our bodies are a bit confusing —okay, a lot confusing. With so many different hormones, enzymes, and proteins floating about, it can be difficult to understand what our bodies need and what they don’t. But, that’s why we’re here. If you have taken a deep dive into the health and wellness industry…
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How to Prevent Asian Glow

Five Tips to Help Prevent the “Asian” Glow

When you’re enjoying a cocktail-filled night out with friends, the last thing you want to worry about is the redness on your face. Unfortunately for many people, specifically East Asian populations, this is just what happens when a person has one too many drinks. Often called the “Asian glow,” this medical phenomenon is extremely common for those with…
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NAD+ Supplements for Anti-Aging

Are NAD+ Supplements an Anti-Aging Miracle? What Science Says

NAD+ is the well-known name given to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, which is a coenzyme that all cells need in order to function. Since losing NAD+ is associated with aging, scientists now theorize that a lack of NAD+ could be an underlying cause of many diseases related to aging, including cancer, Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases,…
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Best Asian Flush Remedy by Ivita

The Best Asian Flush Remedy: Five Things to Look For

You had a great time last night out with friends. The drinks were flowing and everyone enjoyed themselves! But this morning, you’re paying for it with flushed cheeks and blotchy skin. From your shoulder and all over your face, you’re covered in red. It happens every time you drink and have a good time –…
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Popular Detox Products to Cleanse the Body

Comparing the Six Most Popular Detox Products of 2020

The world is filled with harmful external toxins that can buildup in your body. In addition, depending on your overall health, your own body can produce toxins from metabolism and other endogenous sources. The toxic buildup affects your body’s normal homeostasis and can quickly overwhelm your system. As a result, you may start to suffer from…
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Best Hangover Supplement Ingredients like Milk Thistle

Six Essential Ingredients in the Best Hangover Supplements

We’ve all been there: that pounding headache, nauseous stomach, and the inability to do practically anything. Thanks, alcohol. Hangovers are an unfortunate yet almost inevitable part of a night of drinking (or day, we don’t judge) that can make you feel like you’ll never touch alcohol again. Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case. The…
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Nicotinamide Mononucleotide

Can NMN Reverse Aging? A Comprehensive Guide to This Powerful Compound

As we age, it is normal to experience reduced stamina to do everyday activities. Regression in this sense is unavoidable. As we grow older, our blood vessels decline in their ability to deliver key nutrients that are crucial when it comes to the muscle tissue firing as it should under healthy conditions. Research into this…
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Enjoy Drinking at Home with Friends

How to Enjoy Drinking at Home Minus the Hangover

Many people nowadays might be working from home, but that doesn’t have to keep them from enjoying drinking at home on occasion. Right now seems like the best time to kick back and relax with some drinks made and enjoyed right at home. If you’re unable to go out or prefer not to deal with…
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Signs You Need to Detox Including Skin Problems

Seven Signs that You Should Consider a Detox

The importance of health and wellness is undeniable, especially in the world we’re all living in. As you move through your day-to-day life, remaining cognizant of signs you need to detox is absolutely imperative. Research has shown that there are a plethora of health benefits that come along with detoxing. Healthier skin, a stronger immune…
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Top Anti-Aging Superfoods You Can Commonly Find

Top Ten Anti-Aging Superfoods

Choosing the Top Anti-Aging Superfoods If you are like most of us, then signs of again are definitely a common concern. Are you combatting premature aging by choosing the correct foods for your skin and diet plan? If not, then you’ll want to focus on a diet rich in superfoods that not only nourish your…
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Top Anti-Aging Products for Your Skin

Top Ten Anti-Aging Products on the Market

Aging can sometimes get the best of us. We can often find ourselves scouring the web for the best anti-aging remedies or scheduling our next hair appointment to cover up the gray roots peeking through. Though there’s absolutely nothing wrong with natural signs of aging, for some, it can hurt confidence or hinder our daily…
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How Alcohol is Changing Modern Culture

How Alcohol is Changing Modern Culture For centuries, alcohol has been an essential vehicle for socialization, from parties to weddings and first dates to relaxing weekends spent unwinding. In fact, alcohol is frequently associated with having a good time, which makes it even more difficult for modern society to pull away from the substance which…
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Top 7 Body Detox Myths Debunked

Top 7 Body Detox Myths Debunked

Let’s face it, if you’ve landed here then you are probably trying to figure out if a body detox or cleanse actually works. Can you really detox your body naturally? Chinese medicine focuses on the energy of the liver and many have tried the green tea toxin flush. Not a true detox method. (Read about…
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The Science Behind NAD+ and its Long-Term Implications on our Health

The Science Behind NAD+, Health Nutraceuticals and Their Long-Term Implications on our Health In recent years, increased attention has been given to the research of the health nutraceuticals NAD+. It’s been discovered the NAD+ is an important factor as it relates to its impact on our health and supporting healthspan processes and longevity. NAD+ decreases…
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Healthy Foods for Hangover Cure

Cure Your Hangover with These Six Foods

Let’s face it, you want to go out and enjoy a couple of drinks with friends. You work hard and it’s nice to relax and have some fun. What isn’t fun is when your weekend is shot because of the unwanted effects of drinking alcohol. When you understand what is happening in your body when…
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How Justin Bieber is Using NAD+ to Get Healthier

Justin Bieber’s newest album Changes was released in February 2020 and after a 5-year wait, many fans were wondering what he’s been up to. After a slew of criminal charges, public intoxication, and drug abuse, it’s clear that Bieber has been spending the last few years struggling with his health and now, he’s working on…
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What is a Hangover and Why do we Get Them?

While consuming alcohol can be fun at the time, it can lead to a challenging day-after.  Headache, fatigue, and dehydration are just some of the symptoms that someone can experience after a night out.  Hangovers are caused by factors including the effect of alcohol on the body’s systems. How long hangovers last depends on each…
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4 Ways to Decrease the Likelihood of a Hangover

You don’t want the first time you start thinking about hangover prevention to be when you’re leaning over the toilet after a night out. From headaches to nausea to aches and pains, there’s no bright side to a hangover, especially when they can last all day. Instead of drinking raw eggs or following old wives’…
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All About ALDH2 and How it Relates to Your Alcohol Consumption

As with most things, drinking in moderation is the best course of action, but the amount of alcohol you can safely and comfortably consume has a lot to do with your genetics. Hangovers are a common experience as the result of drinking too much in a short period, but the symptoms will disappear with time.…
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Woman with hangover headache sitting on a couch

How Long Does a Hangover Last? Here are Some Facts About Hangovers

What do you call a really fun night followed by an excruciatingly bad morning?    With symptoms like a pounding headache, upset stomach, fatigue, aches and pains, and sensitivity to light, the dreaded hangover is no joke. While in your younger days you may have been able to throw back shots all night and wake…
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Two people tying shoes getting ready to go for a run

5 Ways to Cure the Infamous "Asian Glow"

An Alcohol Flush Reaction (AFR), informally known as the “Asian Glow,” is a syndrome that affects about 50 percent of the Japanese, Korean, and Northeastern Chinese population. Symptoms occur during and after alcohol consumption and include a flushed face and neck, increased heart rate, headache, and nausea. The symptoms can occur even after just one…
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Woman sleeping on bed with head laying on pillow

5 Things Your Body Needs to Treat the Symptoms of a Hangover

  Headache, nausea, dizziness, brain fog- if you drink alcohol, you know these feelings all too well. But what if there was a way to prevent the dreaded repercussions of drinking too much (or to treat the symptoms quickly)? Modern technology has allowed scientists to identify a few key naturally-occurring vitamins, minerals, and amino acids…
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People Smiling sitting down after exercising

Of All the Hangover Cures Out There, Which Ones Actually Work?

  There are a lot of “hangover cures” out there that don’t deliver. When you’re suffering from the classic hangover symptoms—nausea, dizziness, headache, sensitivity to noise and light—you just want to start feeling better as fast as you can! When it comes to hangover relief, it’s important to stick with evidence-based remedies. While there’s no…
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Man with hangover headache and glass of water

5 Cures for that Relentless Hangover

  When it comes to hangovers, there’s no such thing as magic—but there are a number of things you can do to help dramatically shorten the duration of the symptoms. Read on to learn more about the tried-and-true hangover cures that are backed by evidence.     1. Fluids, Fluids, Fluids This may seem obvious, but…
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person with hangover in bed

All the Nutrients Your Body Needs to Relieve a Hangover

    The weekend is a time to spend having fun with family and friends alike. But sometimes that fun turns into a little too much, which leads to you waking up the next morning feeling like you got hit by a freight train. Your head is pounding, you have zero energy, and you’re dealing…
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The Morning After: Steps to Cure a Hangover - Male with hangover holding a glass of water

The Morning After: Steps To Cure A Hangover

Tired of waking up on Sunday mornings feeling nothing but a throbbing headache and uneasy stomach with a side of regret? There’s good news: you don’t have to put up with pesky hangovers any longer. In fact, curing hangovers isn’t as daunting of a task as it can be made out to be. As long…
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Short-term vs Long-term Effects of Drinking

Short-Term VS. Long-Term Effects Of Drinking

Alcohol has become an important part of Western culture and around the world. We drink at social events, to celebrate, or even just to wind down after a long and busy day. Drinking in excess can start to cause health problems over time, though, not just when you’re feeling the hangover headache and dizziness. The…
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The Science of Alcohol and The Body - Two alcoholic Drinks with lime slices

The Science Of Alcohol And The Body

Going out with friends on a regular basis and having a few drinks is commonplace in today’s culture. It helps us relax and socialize with one another, and even let our guard down to make new friends while we’re out at the bars. We know that alcohol can make us feel great, and then like…
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What happens to your body during a hangover - People Cheers with Drinks and Food

What Happens To Your Body During A Hangover?

When you think about it, “hangover” is actually a great word to describe the feeling you get after drinking alcohol. You’ve had a blast at your festival and saw Bassnectar for the tenth time; you and your bridesmaids took a party bus through Vegas until 4 a.m.; or, you got a bit carried away trying…
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