The Science Of Alcohol And The Body

Going out with friends on a regular basis and having a few drinks is commonplace in today’s culture. It helps us relax and socialize with one another, and even let our guard down to make new friends while we’re out at the bars. We know that alcohol can make us feel great, and then like death, but what’s happening in our body that alcohol is causing these types of reactions?

If you’re tired of the negative effects of alcohol, either with the hangover the next morning or the prospect of long-term damage, give IVITA Life Science’s hangover prevention pill a try. It provides a natural hangover cure that you take before you start drinking so that the levels of nutrients in your body don’t become depleted, and keeps you from hugging the toilet the next morning or experiencing serious organ damage later on in life.


The First Sip

When you begin drinking, you can start to feel the effects within minutes. You’re more relaxed, more social, and happier. After that, it will take 45 to 90 minutes before your blood is at its peak level of alcohol. If you’re eating food while you’re drinking, your meal will absorb the alcohol and keep it in your stomach longer. If you’re drinking carbonated drinks, this will cause your stomach to expand and the pressure will force the alcohol into your system faster. Alcohol is absorbed via the portal vein, connecting your stomach to your liver, where it will be dissolved and transported to the bloodstream.

Sipping Poison

Your body identifies alcohol as a poison and tries to rid itself of it as soon as possible. When alcohol makes its way to the liver, dehydrogenase enzymes are used to turn the alcohol into substances that the body can absorb. One of the substances these enzymes turns alcohol into is called acetaldehyde, a toxin that can make you feel hungover. Acetaldehyde is then broken down into acetic acid; then down into fatty acids, carbon dioxide, and water; all of which the body can easily absorb. The reason you start to feel drunk, though, is because you’re drinking faster than your liver can process the alcohol.

Alcohol VS. Muscles

Another way alcohol interacts with the body is through its absorption into fat and muscle mass. This is part of why it’s believed that men are able to drink more than women. Muscle tissue has more water in it than fat tissue, causing the alcohol to become more diluted as it’s absorbed by the body. Because men generally have more muscle mass than women, they are able to drink more as the alcohol becomes, essentially, watered down.

Gaba Gaba (Hey)

Though we can’t tell you if you’ll enjoy the Ramones more when you start drinking, we can tell you that alcohol increases the amount of Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid, also called GABA, in your brain. GABA slows down your ability to process information, make decisions, and even move at your normal speed. Though GABA can make you feel more relaxed, it’s also the reason you’re making more courageous/risky decisions while you drink.

There are other ways that your body is affected by alcohol, both immediately and long-term. Why risk the negative effects of these drinks though? When you take a hangover prevention pill by IVITA Life Sciences before you start drinking, you not only prevent a hangover but also prevent long-term damage associated with drinking. Buy a bottle today!