Paquete de sueño
Paquete de sueño
Paquete de sueño
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Paquete de sueño

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Sueño profundo.

Contar ovejas, desplazarse por el teléfono y pensar constantemente en la lista de tareas pendientes son grandes maneras de arruinar una buena noche de sueño. Nuestro CBD de amplio espectro libre de THC le permite calmar su mente, controlar el estrés y proporcionar un sueño reparador.

Ahorra dinero con este paquete de sueño especialmente diseñado para aliviar tu estrés y ponerte en el camino hacia un buen descanso. Este paquete incluye dos productos IVITA para ayudar a aliviar el dolor de forma natural sin los efectos secundarios dañinos.

Contenido del paquete:

  • x1 Aceite de CBD Rest Blueberry - 1.000 mg de CBD
  • x1 Gel Muscular de CBD Roll-On - 1.200 mg de CBD

Uso sugerido: Antes de irte a dormir, aplica 1 gotero completo de CBD bajo la lengua y mantenlo durante 60 segundos para una absorción optima.La consistencia es la clave. Tómalo diario por 30 días para obtener los mejores resultados.

Para el CBD Muscle Gel Roll-On, agitar bien y aplicar en las zonas afectadas para un alivio penetrante del dolor.

Restful Sleep

Calm Mind

Manage Stress

Optimize Exercise Recovery

The Sleep Bundle

Bundle and save on this special offering of products to help you get a good night's rest. Sleep is important for your overall health and wellness but often ignored by many people.

Before you go to bed, put down the phone and grab our broad spectrum THC-free CBD Rest and help calm your mind, manage stress, and provide a restful night's sleep. 

Various sleep medications only address the symptom and not the problem. Avoid the strange side effects of many sleep medications and try an all-natural alternative.

Take advantage of IVITA's natural ingredients and the amazing  properties of CBD - without having to worry about the crazy side effects of harsh medications.

    Your Sleep Is Important

    Seven to nine hours per night is the recommended amount of sleep for adults. Sounds easy right?

    35 percent of US adults experience a lack of sleep. Often getting less than 7 hours of sleep per night. Chronic lack of sleep can have negative consequences. Lack of sleep can weaken the immune system, increase inflammation, and elevate risk for a variety of serious health conditions.

    These include cardiovascular disease, hypertension, heart attack, stroke, diabetes, obesity, depression, and even neurodegeneration associated with dementia.

      How Does It Work?

      Just to be clear. You will not get high from this product. This product is for whole-body wellness. Our CBD oil is THC-free and will not show up on a drug test.

      CBD is a naturally occurring compound found in the hemp plant and cannabis plant, with an extensive history as a medicine going back thousands of years.

      Terpenes (such as limonene) and closely related substances called terpenoids (such as menthol) are produced by plants and are known primarily for their aromas. Many have medicinal properties and are the focus of research into pain, inflammation and other indications.

      The entourage effect is a proposed mechanism by which all the compounds present in Cannabis act together (synergistically) to maximize a positive clinical effect and minimize a side effect.

      Why IVITA CBD?

      Developed by Physician-Scientist. Backed by Science.

      Our bodies deserve the best, so you feel better and healthier. With IVITA CBD, you always know exactly what you get with every product.

      • 100% THC Free
      • GMP Certified
      • NON-GMO
      • Extensive Third Party Testing
      • FDA Registered Facility
      • Grown in the USA
      • Organic & Vegan

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