After-alcohol support

ACTIVE has been scientifically formulated to alleviate the negative health effects of alcohol, as well as protecting your liver and body cells from oxidative stress caused by alcohol and its toxic by-products.

Wake up feeling better.

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How to Use:

Take four capsules after your last drink or before going to bed.

Wake Up Feeling Better

ACTIVE's benefits:

  • Reduce Acetaldehyde levels (alcohol's toxic by-product)
  • Reduce GABAa rebound - Hangxiety
  • Optimize alcohol metabolism

How does it work?

ACTIVE contains essential vitamins, antioxidants, and electrolytes that need to be replaced after drinking.

It's main ingredient, DHM (Dihydromyricetin), extracted from the Japanese Raisin Tree, has been scientifically proven to break down acetaldehyde (alcohol's toxic by-product) and alleviate the negative effects of alcohol.

There have been numerous published studies that have confirmed DHM's properties and benefits; such as Biomedicine and Pharmacotherapy (2004), Journal of Applied Biological Chemistry (2017), and The Journal of Neuroscience (2012).

ACTIVE is the best wingman you didn't know you needed.

Find out more by purchasing IVITA ACTIVE before your next night out.

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