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Why Choose IVITA?
We are a health-driven organization focused on promoting health and wellness. Our goal is to help you optimize your health in every way, through cutting edge science and research-backed nutraceuticals with access to advanced wellness programs overseen by medical professionals.

Our Values and Goals.

You. Optimized.
  1. We believe that preventive medicine is the future of healthcare. Instead of addressing diseases in their later stages through pharmaceuticals, we believe that taking care of your health regularly, with nutraceuticals, could prevent future diseases.
  2. We incorporate modern scientific research and extraordinary natural products that combines holistic knowledge with the most advanced ingredients that science has to offer.
  3. Therefore creating a unique and extraordinary product that combines traditional knowledge with the most advanced ingredients that science can offer. No other product can match our uniqueness.
  4. Our main goal is to spread awareness in the proactivity of health and wellness to help you optimize your health in every way in order to promote a healthier and longer lifespan.
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"We are living in an unprecedented era of high living standards; one like we’ve never seen before in the history of humankind. Scientific research and promises of quantum computers, AI, and machine learning are the new harbingers of things to come."

"We at IVITA are implementing these technological advances as a serious attempt to increase longevity and quality of life. In the past century, medicine has nearly doubled the average human lifespan. Our overall goal is to make all of these advances available to people through the use of nutraceuticals, instead of traditional pharmaceuticals."

Moises Hernandez M.D., Founder